Maya Angelous



It seems I can run but I can't hide from Ari! But I will not let him squelch my freedom of expression. And so, here is a little something for all you Maya Angelous out there...


I Won't Survive

At first, I was afraid. I was petrified. Kept thinking how I'd ever live with Ari by my side. So then I hid under my desk, thinking how he did me wrong. I had grown strong. And I learned how to carry on.

So now he's back. To buy this place. He just walked in to find me here with a scared look upon my face. I should have left this stupid town. I should have killed him in his sleep. If I had known for just one second he'd be back to bother me!

I want to go! Run out the door! I can't be around now, I won't be welcome anymore. Ari was the one who tried to keep me as his slave. He thought I'd crumble! He thought I'd fall down and cave!

But Oh My My!

I won't survive!

There's just no chance that Ari buys us and lets me stay alive!

I've got all my life to live. And I've got all my love to give. But it's my demise. It's my demise. It's my demise!!!

So, it took all the strength I had not to fall apart, when I'm pricking up the pieces of his broken car. I spent oh so many nights feeling sorry for myself, I use to cry, well, I still cry.

Now look at me. Somebody new. I'm not that chained up little person still assisting you. And so you feel like dropping in, and buying up this agency, and I am freaking out here, Ari, 'cause you're gonna fire me!

Oh God Oh Why!?

I can't survive!

I tried my damnedest, worked my ass off, now my career can't be revived!

Ari ruined my life many times before and broken my sullen heart, but this takes the pie. It's my demise. It's my demise!!!


A Sidekick of my Own!


The day has finally arrived. I have my own sidekick! (I mean assistant.) And I'm going to share the wealth of my knowledge with him...not abuse him and grind him into a pulpish shadow of his former self....


Pinch Me, I'm Not Dreaming!

I've finally achieved my dream!...only it may be a nightmare. Pinch me. Wake me. Tell me I don't have a fear of success that has caused me to leap into the abyss of self-sabotage...


A Bad Week

This has not been a good week for yours truly. My prized client — well, my only client — was involved in a, shall we say, tête-à-tête with an important executive at the studio of his employ! Now before I place blame on either party, I must sort out fiction from fact, rumor from truth, innuendo from career-immolating actuality.

My client, who I suppose should remain nameless — though everyone who is anyone has heard this tale — allegedly "choked out" said executive. At least that's what one high-profile Hollywood blog said. Another said he "sucker punched" him. Yet another entertainment insider was quoted as saying my client "kneed his boss in the nethers." Of course this insider wasn't named, because it would be humiliating to be quoted saying "nethers."

And what was the cause of this action? This, too, is a mystery wrapped in a puzzle. An assistant friend of mine at the network knows someone who was dating someone who claimed that the network exec in question called my client a "talentless hack," which he most certainly is not, and knowing my client, any assault on his actorly skill would earn the barb-thrower a stern talking-to, if not something much worse. Another mole inside the network posted on his Facebook status that "[My client] was just escorted out by security! Could it be curtains for [character my client portrays]?!?"

All this information, or more likely misinformation, is making my head spin. I do know they canceled all of his scenes. Acting is like breathing air to this particular person. Oh, I hope he is okay.

I did manage to get in touch with my client and he said claimed the executive said something vile which set him off. I also spoke to people at the studio, who claim, to a man, that the studio head is one of the finest men they know in the business (though he does have a reputation for bedding the town's finest bachelorettes).

I am not looking forward to this particular part of being an agent. However, I do understand that my job is to represent my clients during the good and the bad, the ups and the downs, the calm before the storm and the storm itself. So, I will do whatever I can, whatever it takes, to restore the reasonably good name of my client.

Wish me luck!