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Lloyd's Guide to Schmoozing

Schmoozing. It's as closely associated with Hollywood as motion pictures and stints at Promises. But what is it to schmooze? Who schmoozes? When and how does one schmooze? Well, leave it to your trusty guide Lloyd to send you to the school of schmooze. All graduates receive a BS in BS!

In our two previous installments, we've discussed phone etiquette and lunching. Schmoozing is very similar in that you have an objective: improving your position or standing, and a mark: the producer, manager, executive or otherwise you are wooing. When you schmooze, however, one important element is added: booze.

Now, is it a coincidence that schmooze rhymes with booze? Perhaps. But more likely not -- for without booze, or at least the presence of booze in the immediate area, you're not schmoozing.

Why is booze so important to schmoozing? For the same reason Tom went home with me the first night I met him at Rage. Booze lowers your standards! (JK about Tom! We met at the olive bar at Bristol Farms, obvi!).

When booze is introduced you will notice two things:

1. People you already know will tell you things they are not supposed to be telling you.

2. People you DON'T know, important people, will actually acknowledge your presence!

This makes premiere parties, industry mixers, charity club nights and plain, old afterwork drinks SO essential. This is where you make hay.

So you have one and only or responsibility to yourself and your employer when schmoozing. Repeat after me: Don't Get Hammered!

Alright boys and girls. See you all in the next installment of Lloyd's blog!

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Reader Comments (1)

Having written a few screenplays, I must say that I love good stories... And my favorite is Entourage! An interesting plot twist I was just thinking about would be to have Ari loose everything on account of the way he treats people, and have Lloyd rise up and be the new king of the agency world. This would reward the countless hard work and effort for paying his dues he's put in over the years. This would also remind America that even if you're an Asian homosexual, you can still do anything.

So here's the real twist... We have it where Lloyd starts to become ruthless and arrogant, just like Ari. In fact, Ari shows up graveling at his office and Lloyd tells him to get down on his hands and knees and blow me Ari.

Okay, you get the idea. Just having fun writing because that's what I do.

You can see more of my work on IMDB - under David D. Kane

August 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDavid D. Kane
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