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I Won't Survive

At first, I was afraid. I was petrified. Kept thinking how I'd ever live with Ari by my side. So then I hid under my desk, thinking how he did me wrong. I had grown strong. And I learned how to carry on.

So now he's back. To buy this place. He just walked in to find me here with a scared look upon my face. I should have left this stupid town. I should have killed him in his sleep. If I had known for just one second he'd be back to bother me!

I want to go! Run out the door! I can't be around now, I won't be welcome anymore. Ari was the one who tried to keep me as his slave. He thought I'd crumble! He thought I'd fall down and cave!

But Oh My My!

I won't survive!

There's just no chance that Ari buys us and lets me stay alive!

I've got all my life to live. And I've got all my love to give. But it's my demise. It's my demise. It's my demise!!!

So, it took all the strength I had not to fall apart, when I'm pricking up the pieces of his broken car. I spent oh so many nights feeling sorry for myself, I use to cry, well, I still cry.

Now look at me. Somebody new. I'm not that chained up little person still assisting you. And so you feel like dropping in, and buying up this agency, and I am freaking out here, Ari, 'cause you're gonna fire me!

Oh God Oh Why!?

I can't survive!

I tried my damnedest, worked my ass off, now my career can't be revived!

Ari ruined my life many times before and broken my sullen heart, but this takes the pie. It's my demise. It's my demise!!!

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