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The Lloyd You Do Not Know - A Poem

You may think I like Broadway musicals,
And sipping Chardonnay,
That I cry in bed at something Alphaboss said,
And I'm altogether quite gay.Well, to that, I admit, you are right in a way,
Not unlike the chap you suppose,
But I am still a man, yes a man who still can,
Watch a baseball match with my bros!I may not be the straightest arrow,
To that my boss would attest,
But I'm not afraid of discussing a trade,
Like lumberjacking, which I don't detest.True, I favor a night with my boyfriend Tom,
Or reading Star Magazine
But I can also be found giving a reach around,
To a one-armed bandit machine.Yes, I love to puree my veggies,
And I love to wear suits with a vest,
But I swear to my God, that I love me a rod,
For fishies! Not what you'd expect.So, it's a pleasure to bid your acquaintance,
I assure you this profile's not faux,
Just a different side of an average guy,
The Lloyd you do not know.

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