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Thank You My Dear Readers

Thank you, thank you, thank you my dear readers. I put out a call and you responded IN FORCE. I even got advice from a new friend living in the far off lands of Alaska. Cuterthanamoose wrote: "Have you tried praying? Prayer has cured so many members of my community from homosexuality. Being progressive, myself, I thought perhaps it can help you keep Tom gay." Unfortunately, my sweet Eskimo, I must inform you that this is not prayer's territory. It neither cures homosexuality nor brings Jake to cook meals in my kitchen instead of Reese's. Trust me, I've tried. I used to close my eyes every night and secret Mr. Gosling would be mine. I put it out in the universe just like Oprah instructed and I drove him right back into Rachel's arms. I love Tom too much to leave this to the powers that be. I had to take action. I was tempted to make Tom jealous. (not by "doing the nasty with one of his friends", Scott from Seattle!) I could not let Tom hurt as I did. Evil never prevails. After receiving such support from you, my friends, I was able to think clearly and regain my confidence. Suddenly, I knew exactly what to do, what to say, and what to wear to win my man back! Rachee23, you were right - screw Jenna! Tom definitely came around. The insightful, if not unfortunately named, StudMuff wrote: "If you want him back, its easy. Just catch him off-guard at his apt when you know he'll be blue (say, after an episode of Grey's). If you want him to be yours forever, bring food." Brilliant idea! Whenever Tom's depressed, he binges on Chinese food. He loves Wokcano - as do I - and orders it when he starts to miss me (I may or may not be Tom's "little dumpling"). It was time for me to woo Tom back when I got a call from my spy - the hostess. Tom placed an order for delivery so I rushed down to the restaurant, picked up his food, and drove to him as fast as I could. Oh, it was perfect when Tom answered the door. He had no idea his Chinese food would be delivered by his Chinese man! I went to speak but Tom hushed me. We needed no words as he kissed me passionately. It was straight out of a movie. Thank you readers, I couldn't have done it without you. Now, on a side note this week, I must get something off my chest. As most of you know I am employed by a rather brash and powerful man ("Alphaboss") who I daresay is growing more impetuous by the moment. Distracted by my personal problems (I know I know, rule number one: leave it outside), I haven't pulled the puppet strings as cleanly and efficiently as usual. It's been a rough week with the return of our favorite fledgling client ("V") and I just feel awful for him. I wish I could have calmed the waters before Alphaboss laid down the truth. Poor V. It seems everyone isn't seeing him for who he really is: a hardworking, handsome, caring young man with talent to boot. It's just hidden behind the hair. Maybe I could convince Alphaboss to get him to buzz it? Ohhhh I think that would just bring out his charm! But I digress. Love to all...until next week,

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