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Mo49 asked

Mo49 asked: "Hey Lloyd why don't you find out whats going on with Silo and write a letter about that."

Well, Mo49, you asked and you shall receive...First, a little itty bit of background for those unfamiliar with the 'Silo' story - and my fixation with it. As most of you dear readers know, I have a borderline stalker fascination with a couple of It boys, particularly one blue-eyed swarthy Vincent Chase. So when my sources informed me awhile back that he was going to be doing 'Silo,' a futurisitic, apocalyptic farmer revolutionary epic directed by Billy Walsh (of 'Medellin' and 'Queens Boulevard')...well, let's just say, this rooster was crowing. As far as I'm concerned the only thing better than Vince in an Aquaman unitard is Vince shirtless and in overalls.

Here's the Hollywood dirt on the farm flick. A few years back, when Vince was riding high off the success of 'Aquaman,' and the early buzz of 'Medellin,' Vince and Billy Walsh optioned a book called 'Lost in the Clouds,' a tale a woe and wonder (and some say homosexual lust!) atop snowy Mount Annapurna, and sold it for quite a hefty sum. After months in seclusion, Billy Walsh returned not with the adapted-for-the-big-screen version of 'Clouds,' but with 'Silo.'

With a studio in place, they were ready to shoot. At one point I had even heard a little something about Anna Faris playing the role of the "brother" (maybe as a Drag King??), but that never panned out.

But everything went South in the South of France. You may have heard stories about the infamous 'Medellin' screening in Cannes. I have heard from a first-hand source, who may or may not be the Alphaboss, that sitting in that theater was "worse than an adult circumcision." At that point there was nothing the God himself could do to save the lovely Vincent Chase's career. 'Medellin' was a bomb, and destroyed everything around it.

That, of course, included 'Silo,' which was meant as a big summer tentpole movie for a certain studio which instead rushed a certain project into production about a certain fast car driver with a certain simian sidekick into production way too early, which ran way overbudget and did no business...but I digress.

There are other mitigating factors, of course. Billy Walsh, as you may have heard, has disappeared. No one has heard from him since that night in France. Is he dead? Is he in hiding? Is he living as a woman in Sicily? Who knows. And, frankly, who cares?! Word is, he was a jerk and a meanie and a menace and a nuisance. He certainly was no help for fair Vincent's career. Nor was he of any benefit to the immediate atmosphere. The man smelled like a sweaty sneaker, or so I've been told.... And, if you are reading this Mr. Walsh, it's one thing for the Alphaboss to refer to a gay man as "Homo Erectus," but it is quite another to be berated by an actual Neanderthal. Just saying...

Additionally, the executive in charge of the project, has since left that studio. Not that that would have mattered, because after the disaster on the French Riviera, all attempts to revive 'Silo' as a comeback vehicle for Vincent Chase were kaput.

This was all over a year ago, though. And, while 'Silo' still appears on development sheets (aka in "development hell"), it is without writer, without director, without a studio executive and, it would seem, without a star...for if one is being honest with one's self, one must admit when one's shining star has dimmed. And, lovely Vince, has sadly lost some of his luster...

So that, Mo49, is the lamentable story of 'Silo.'

I fare thee well...


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