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A Tribute to Sarah Palin 

Dear readers, in loving tribute to the woman whose presence on the Republican ticket delivered the presidency to the sexiest President ever, Barack Obama:

Oh, Sarah, sweet Sarah! So pretty and dumb.
You came to us like a vision out of some,
Horrible fantasy movie that might,
Play in the dreams of Rush Limbaugh at night.

Your hemline rising as the polls plummet,
You called to kick Russia out the G-8 summit.
But be nice to the one-time world super power.
They're your next door neighbor, and you might need flour.

Ayers! Khalidi! And Reverend Wright!
"No one cares!" shouts America, black, brown and white.
But keep at it, you did, like a hockey enforcer.
McCain said to stop, but you cried, "Please, more, sir!"

You represent the scummy, the vile, the low,
But, Sarah, sweet Sarah, what you do not know,
Is we're not mean, not cruel, our brains are not slow,
So, as they say in Alaska, have fun in the snow!

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