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Gay Mardi Gras

Hola, readers! I can barely contain my excitement because the Gay Mardi Gras, Halloween, is a mere two weeks away! But, as per usual, I don't yet have a costume. Oh, it's not that I don't have ideas. I have ideas aplenty. But, I have concerns. For one, Tom wants to get all cute and couple-y, severely limiting the selection of possible get-ups. Two, I have a "not too gay" rule. I figure 365 days a year I'm the gayest person I know, so on Halloween it's fun to butch up (but just a little!). And three, and this is the biggest concern, Tom and I just can't agree on anything at Halloween time. He wants this, I want that, but what we don't want is a fight! I can't handle another silly fight!

So, I proposed to Tom (no...not like that, silly) that we put up our ideas, without saying who likes which ones, on the blog and see who likes what. Without further ado, I present to you Lloyd and Tom's Halloween Costume Ideas: 1. Toulouse-Latrec (John Leguizamo) and Christian (Ewan McGregor) from 'Moulin Rouge!'

We get to play characters from our favorite movie. We get to sing and dance without looking like idiots. We get to dress up in fabulous turn of the 20th Century, French-inspired clothing.

Cons: The biggest con is that Toulouse and Christian weren't lovers, so if Tom and I PDA out (totally appropriate on Halloween), it will be wildly inconsistent with our characters. I don't know if I could handle this. One of us could dress up as Nicole Kidman's character, Satine, but even Tom isn't beautiful enough to do her justice (sorry, honey). 2. Sarah and Todd Palin

It's topical, that's for sure. It's fun to dress up as someone you hate. Tom gets to dress up as an Alaskan muscleman/snow mobile racer champion with a goatee - which will get MY juices flowing. I get to wear a skirt suit!

Cons: There's always the possibility that I will look too much like Sarah Palin and Sarah Palin would not last two minutes in West Hollywood, I can assure you. Plus, I'd have to play real dumb, which can be fun but I'm not sure I have the acting chops to pull off THAT dumb! 3. A socket and a plug

I love inanimate object Halloween costumes. It's suggestive without being crass. It's somewhat elaborate, but we'll still be able to parade down the street with the rest of them. Tom will have to wear a unitard.

Cons: Tom runs the risk of looking like an alien, and I run the risk of looking like a wall socket. Not particularly sexy at all, nor is it really with the spirit of Gay Mardi Gras, when the object is to wear less, not a big sandwich board. So...what do you think, fair readers? What should Tom and I wear for Halloween?!

Love ya, bitches! Until next time, laters!

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